Why track the blockchain ?

by Ben Lilly

Why Track The Blockchain ?

A question we get from traders almost everyday is, why do you have to track the blockchain transactions, wallet movements, on-chain metrics.

Why not simply use technical indicators such as MACD and moving averages on price as source and perform trades. Why not keep it simple ?

For the first time in financial history, we have a transparent system where transactions are on a public ledger.

So the answer is simple. If you can track the movements in wallets and are able to interpret with high precision the major impact on the price action is about to happen, you can front-run most traders in the market.

This gives you an edge over even other market makers in the system.

You build your own version of 'insider information' using this open data and leverage it to make lucrative gains.

This is where Jarvis AI leverages its database of 800+ market mover wallets and 16 million labelled wallets to create historical patterns that Jarvis acts on.

An example of a whale who purchases large amounts of BTC before parabolic price action is shared below. When you track such movements with statistical precision, this becomes your confirmation to predicting the direction. This is the beauty of Jarvis.

Market Update
After nearly a 30% correction, BTC is still consolidating and trying to form a bottom so as to make a jump upside. Grayscale premium has dropped to values lower than 10%. Stable-coins are still being loaded in the treasury, funding rates are back to neutral. Technical indicators are fully reset.

So far everything looks great for a healthy market correction. However, there is still a high potential for a new low or retest of the recent low before a bullish rally ahead. This means we will see volatility dumping and consolidating before another expansion and new highs. Time for purchasing more call options is coming soon.

Best is to not to take up high leverage positions until the time is right but rather build positions in the coming weeks.

Your pulse on crypto,


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