6% per month

by Ben Lilly

How 6% Equals 4.6x

Six to ten percent a month.

When it comes to Jarvis, that's our goal. It's what we let potential clients know in terms of what to expect. What's interesting about this is the responses. They are all across the map.

Some are blown away. Others laugh at us saying if Jarvis is so great, why can't it double my money every month? The rest fall somewhere in between.

The thing is, six percent per month is actually more than all the haters might think. So today I'd like to address the gamblers of the audience and show the power of compounding an asset like BTC over time using a steady and reliable strategy.

At Jarvis Labs our focus is on the best risk to reward available in the market. If there isn't anything that looks good, then there's no trade to be had. If you're driving a Hummer and you only see a compact car space available, you circle back around. You take what the parking lot gives you. It's how we view trading.

In this way, Jarvis takes the trades it knows it can fit in. It might not be sexy, but it works.

For newcomers to this space we understand the flashing green triple digit one day gains of alts are an alluring game to play. It's why everyone is drawn to the lottery... or the casino. It's a rush. Hitting it one time of every ten times is an unforgettable dopamine rush.

The fact is... one out of every ten means you're bleeding capital. You won't get far.

On the other hand, six percent each month in crypto gets you further than you think faster than you think. Let me show you...

January 1st you have 2 BTC.

Six percent over twelve months places your account value at 4.024 BTC by the end of the year. That's more than double your account.

But here's the thing to consider. Not only did your account rise in terms of BTC, but bitcoin rose in terms of USD. Durting the year it rose to $80,000. Up from the $35,000 you saw at the start of the year.

Meaning your account grew from $70,000 to $321,920 or 4.6x over the course of one year. You know what else that means?

With an account value of $321,920 if you made 6% the next month, your income for those thirty days is $19,315.

Is this significant yet? What happens after two years? Three? What about multiple bull cycles? Six percent is more than you think...

That's how we turn the market into a reliable stream of income while you sleep.

Disclaimer: This is an education piece on how compounding works and how the investor thought process should be inclined towards long term growth potential and not about guaranteed returns and promises .

Market Update
For the market update, be sure to read yesterday's market update by .

DXY (US Dollar index) did show a bit of strength at its open today, adding credence to a potential bounce.

A stronger dollar flies in the face of one of bitcoin's narrative of being a hedge against the eroding value of the dollar. While it might be a very short lived bounce, it's happening as bitcoin is overextended. It can have a big effect even if the bounce is minor since we're so overextended at the moment.

Funding rates are also still high even for a bull market.

Yesterday we mentioned there was $250 million of USDT minted and sitting in Tether's treasury that we're watching. That amount hasn't changed as of 3:30 UTC January 11th. Any USDT moving in a certain way can be enough to fight the DXY effect.

Today's update might seem short and sweet... but nothing has changed from yesterday's update except the DXY chart is playing out as we expected. Still a lot to watch for in the next few days.

One other thing is Grayscale, we might see them open up the doors this week.

We're already watching their wallets. Should be a fun week here.

Your pulse on crypto,

B Lilly

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