Thank you 2020

by Ben Lilly

Ready to Crush 2021

The world exhaled with a sense of hope as the calendar year changed.

Last night's celebration might have been more about saying goodbye to 2020 than celebrating 2021.

At Jarvis Labs, while 2020 was roller coaster of emotions traversing valleys of despair and peaks of hope, we quickly realized how much we grew up over the last year.

Here were some of our accomplishments in 2020:

- The value of assets being traded under Jarvis grew from about 1 million to 15 million.

- Over 2 million orders were filled across half a dozen exchanges.

- Our community has swelled to over 4,200 on Telegram and over 1,000 in our daily newsletter, Espresso.
- We deployed the first crypto options ai/ml bot.

- There are now 32 algorithms that help Jarvis decide.

- Jarvis went from several hundred to now 20 million wallets labeled in its database.

2020 was the year where Jarvis Labs went from a small idea to an entity. It's really rewarding to reflect on this growth. But what's energizing is where we want to go for 2021.

In 2021 Jarvis Labs looks to become the most used resource in crypto for trading and building wealth. To do this, we need your help to make it reality. Our goals are diverse and in order for them to be successful, we hope to hear what you want more of. A few things we have in mind for 2021 are:

- Launch the ChainPulse on-chain fund so anybody can easily grow their wealth using Jarvis regardless of wealth, residency or crypto knowledge and exceed $10 million AUM.

- Introduce the Jarvis Fund, which will autonomously trade crypto, stocks and forex while leveraging futures, options and spot markets (for any forex traders, Jarvis has a multi-year track record in FX).

- Deploy the ChainPulse Signals platform so anybody that wants to trade on their own can have success.

- Guide $100 million worth of assets on a daily basis across our funds and personal client accounts.

- Begin early development stages of the World Fund, a project where anybody can upload data to improve Jarvis, earn money and grow wealth via the financial and crypto markets. In doing so, we want to build a community of analysts, data scientists and ai programmers who earn a living building the World Fund for all who look to use it... Think Numerai, but with less barriers.

Our ambitions are high for 2021. We are looking to make a massive impact over the next year and look forward to working closer with all of you in making this a reality.

Let's crush 2021 together.


The Jarvis Labs Team

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