Espresso 2.0 : Rethinking Bitcoin’s Preconceived Notions

by Ben Lilly

Rethinking Bitcoin's Preconceived Notions

$23,900 is history. The undisputed new all-time high feels righteous. And with it, all the hard-headed naysayers that refused to take the time to see what the excitement about bitcoin is about might finally take the time to reconsider their understanding of it.

It’s a moment where the masses begin to question their long-standing beliefs. That moment is today.

As many wake up and turn on their televisions this morning bitcoin will smack them in the face. The last time they likely heard about bitcoin was three years ago. Shortly after that moment, it was written off for being worthless.

But here’s the thing... attaining a market cap of more than $400 billion after realizing a massive sell-off is no fluke. Hearing bitcoin is at $20,000 again is what makes friends and colleagues take an extra moment to ask what trustless means, why governments around the world can’t simply just print money forever, and what other cryptocurrencies are available outside of bitcoin.

That’s where you come in. Cryptocurrencies in 2021 will be one of the biggest investing trends. Capital will be entering the space in unfathomable sums. As this happens your friends and family will turn to you. You become the spokesperson for this space.

What you say is up to you. We each have different goals and ways of interpreting things. Personally, this space represents a way for the couriers and taxi drivers of DoorDash and Uber to realize value among hundreds of other similar types of jobs. It's a way to begin chipping away at the great wealth gap. It's a way for many to more easily secure funding. And it's why I believe the next decade will upend many business models, thanks to cryptocurrencies.

If that’s the case, the opportunity for the unbanked to gain financial services via a cellphone or a gig worker to realize worker’s compensation will no longer be a dream.

Cryptocurrencies can fill many of the world’s needs. As they do, the men adorning pinstripe suits will realize bitcoin is only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of other opportunities to make bitcoin-like returns. Which is where we come in.

As this money moves into this space we will be watching. We will be tracking. We will be tagging. This means we will have the pulse on crypto.

In the coming weeks, you will see exactly what we mean. That’s because we’re getting ready to unveil a project that’s almost a year in the making. Without saying too much, we are about to make hedge-fund tools and services available to anybody regardless of wealth, trading ability, or knowledge.

It's called ChainPulse. It delivers actionable data you can trade.

And in staying true to our mission of narrowing the wealth gap and turning markets into a reliable income stream… It’ll soon trade for you.

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