Espresso 2.0

by Ben Lilly

It's More Than a New Look

The new chapter of 2021 is coming. With it, a flurry of soon forgotten promises and a desire for those 8 cannolis you mauled to only be a memory.

I don't say that with mockery... as I plan to also enjoy those cannolis... but I too will make a list of promises that won't be seen again in 11 months. And when I do finally look back on it I'll wonder, what it if I actually did go to bed early each night?

For starters, I won't be writing this right now. And I'm not entirely sure Jarvis Labs would be where it is today if I or anybody on our team went to bed early each night.

So instead of making some goal that sounds good on paper, let's make a goal right here, right now, for 2021. One that'll drive you and I both to burn that midnight oil. The one where you can look back on and realize your life is truly better because of it... So here's an idea.

For 2021, let's turn the crypto market into a reliable income stream.

That's right. Let's take the wild horse of crypto and tame it for our benefit.

Because it's something that can change your life. Taking your crypto holdings and making 75, 100, or more than 200% each year can certainly turn lives around.

To accomplish this, let's work together. On my end, I'll start pulling back the curtain on Jarvis Labs. That means more insights, more reliable postings, and better communication with you.

On your end, I need you to help me. Tell me... Tell us, what do you want more of. What do you want to see in your inbox each day? What makes zero sense. What do you want to understand more of... Or how many cannolis did you down during your socially distant party?

In receiving feedback from you, we look to write for you, not at you.

Consider this daily newsletter as something you can help curate, shape, and mold for yourself. Tell us what you need in your inbox every day. We'll look to provide it and lean on our artificial intelligence computer, Jarvis, to do so.

Start Now

In order for us to get started, do me a favor... right now, send me an email ( or to our team at

If you can't think of anything specific to send, tell me the most interesting thing you've come across in the past week... It can be a news item, chart, or development happening in the space.

In the meantime, while we wait to get a message from you (and the one other e-mail address that ended up on our subscription list by accident) check below for the exchange flows over the last 24hrs.

Remember, if BTC or ETH net flows are positive, it means there are more heading to exchanges than leaving. It's a statistic with a good correlation to price... It means as more BTC and ETH flow into exchanges there is more selling pressure.

The opposite is true as well... The more leaving exchanges, the less selling pressure there is and the price tends to move higher as a result.

Alright, enough out of me. Let's get on with our day and make some money... And more importantly, let's go into the holidays with the mindset of going full bore in turning the market into an income generator because the bull market is here. The time to make money is now. Let's get our share.

Your Pulse on Crypto,

Jarvis Labs

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