Daily Espresso

Daily Espresso

Your morning data ‘shot’

This one-minute read is a snapshot of the market. How much BTC is entering and leaving the exchanges? How about USDT and ETH? It’s the perfect way to start your trading day. Think of it as your daily dose of caffeine… you wouldn’t dare start trading without it.

Latest Alerts from Shitcoin Detector Bot

Recently, we decided to put out the alerts from our Shitcoin Detector Bot as public to all our followers. Today there were 5 alerts, so we decided to share over only to our Daily Espresso Followers.

Every project mentioned on the Bot alerts will do a minimum of 2x in a month ( potential to perform 5x as well). So do not expect them to pump immediately. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.

Here are today's Alerts :

WOM (https://womprotocol.io/)
Edgeware (https://edgewa.re)
Unicrypt (https://unicrypt.network)
Aergo (https://aergo.io)
Monolith (https://monolith.xyz)