Daily Espresso

Daily Espresso

Your morning data ‘shot’

This one-minute read is a snapshot of the market. How much BTC is entering and leaving the exchanges? How about USDT and ETH? It’s the perfect way to start your trading day. Think of it as your daily dose of caffeine… you wouldn’t dare start trading without it.

Crypto Options 101 Series

Part Two: Translating the Options Chain

Get ready to get your hands dirty today. We’re about to learn the language of options.

But first… For those of you just joining us, I’d first like to say welcome! You are making a great decision by following us. Our team at Jarvis Labs tracks the market movers of crypto to front-run them at their own game. We let our artificial intelligence and machine learning trading system, Jarvis, guide us. It combs through transactions in real-time to uncover price changes before they happen in the market.

A trading method that leverages Jarvis is options. We’ve been using Jarvis for options for much of this year and are getting ready to make this product available for everyone. In anticipation of the release, we are rolling out an educational series on options. After all, even if you aren’t interested in using Jarvis, options in crypto are growing by the day. In order to capitalize on this, it’s important to gain an understanding of how to use them.

Over the past few weeks we have been talking about options. Here are the first results from our freshly launched Jarvis Options Bot. Autonomous options trader based on Jarvis AI.

One of a kind and the only AI based Options Trading Bot in the market. Contact us about subscribing to Options Bot