Daily Espresso

Daily Espresso

Your morning data ‘shot’

This one-minute read is a snapshot of the market. How much BTC is entering and leaving the exchanges? How about USDT and ETH? It’s the perfect way to start your trading day. Think of it as your daily dose of caffeine… you wouldn’t dare start trading without it.

Your Next Best Friend

An Introduction to Options

They are older than Muhammad, Jesus, and Buddha…

Yet only a minority seem to understand how they work. Let alone how to use them.

Their reputation of unlimited risk intimidates and fends off newcomers from realizing their benefits.

Which is why today we break down this wall of unwarranted fear. And in the process show you the ropes on options. Once you grasp their usefulness, you will have an edge in the market.

Their ability to reduce risk while maximizing upside means they deserve a place in your portfolio... For the rest of your trading career.

Consider this the first day of your new trading career. Let’s get started...