Daily Espresso

Daily Espresso

Your morning data ‘shot’

This one-minute read is a snapshot of the market. How much BTC is entering and leaving the exchanges? How about USDT and ETH? It’s the perfect way to start your trading day. Think of it as your daily dose of caffeine… you wouldn’t dare start trading without it.

Why Should You Get More Straddles

Now, back in November 2018 price fell off a cliff from $6,400 and got hammered. The thing was, the volatility today is exactly how it was just before price descended down its roller coaster. The speed of the drop made boredom a distance memory as traders were hitting their keys in a frenzy to buy and sell.

However, if you acted before the drop, you were loving every minute of it. So how do you act now in order to love the volatility once it comes?