Daily Espresso

Daily Espresso

Your morning data ‘shot’

This one-minute read is a snapshot of the market. How much BTC is entering and leaving the exchanges? How about USDT and ETH? It’s the perfect way to start your trading day. Think of it as your daily does of caffeine… you wouldn’t dare start trading without it.

Over past 3 months, the netflow of BTC in the exchanges has been strongly declining while in the past week we are noticing a strong change in the volume of inflows overtaking the outflows. This is in sync with the short term price drops. If the netflows return to their positive levels, that would indicate intention to sell. However, note that historically this has also resulted in large price action swings.

The Jarvis Stablecoin Adjusted index is continuing to show a buy signal in the re-accumulation zone.

If you like to know more about Jarvis Indices, read our recently published Market Outlook report.